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itunes shuffle meme
iTunes Shuffle Meme

send me anything the closer/major crimes/mary mcdonnell/battlestar galactica themed you’d like to see - ships, episodes, a series, a character, you name it - and I’ll put my iTunes on shuffle and make a graphic based on the random song that comes up!

(i just added 12 new cds to my itunes today, so yay! i have 15,000 songs so this should be fun!)


I have a 7 1/2 hour flight tomorrow at 5:30 (EST) and I want some prompts for ficlets or whatnot! Just throw them at me, I’m looking for:

The Closer/Major Crimes

  • Brenda/Sharon 
  • Sharon/Andy
  • Sharon/Andrea Hobbs
  • Sharon/?

Battlestar Galactica

  • Laura/Bill Adama
  • Laura/Lee Adama
  • Laura/Joseph Adama
  • Laura/Ellen Tigh
  • Laura/Tom Zarek
  • Laura/D’Ana
  • Just throw Laura at me!

Once Upon a Time

  • Regina/Emma
  • Regina/?

Devil Wears Prada

  • Miranda/Andy
  • Miranda/Jane (It’s Complicated)

I’ll love you forever! Internet cookies all around!

No Harm (Adama/Roslin, M)

Billy power walked frantically down the halls. He’d lost Laura again. This time it wasn’t as much that he’d stopped paying attention as she seemed to have intentionally fled. He was beginning to panic.

He saw Dualla walking down the hallway and he let out a breath of relief at seeing a familiar face. “Hey,”

She stopped, stunned and looked at him, “I thought all the politicians were off the ship.”

“Nope. Well, mostly. I don’t know, I can’t find the Secretary of Education…” he admitted sheepishly.


Bill opened the hatch of his quarters and was surprised to see Laura standing on the other side. He sighed, “Madam Secretary, I’m not discussing the networking of the computers again. My position on that issue, is immovable.”

“That’s not what I came for. May I come in?”


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